Before the MyFemBot blog, there was the monthly email newsletter, find the archives below:

Issue 8 – gone solio
Be an earth mother and take charge with the Solio Hybrid solar charger. Check out GardenGirlTV for urban sustainable living. Follow three animal life stories in the movie Earth. Learn what a Carbon Offset is and see how helps you be good to mother earth.

Issue 7 – cabin fever gone
Step outside and take your music with you with B-flex speakers. Travel worry free when you catch your frequent-flyer miles and rewards with and when you get there use your iPhone Taxi Magic to get a cab no matter where you are. Don’t forget to compare hotel rates before you book with

Issue 6 – spring forward fit
Monitor both your heart rate and calories burned just by touching the Fitwatch strapless heart rate monitor sensor. Get motivated with and Create your own cereal with and save with coupons at

Issue 5 – and the Oscar goes to…MyVu
Watch your fave shows and movies with your stylish MyVu sunglasses, oops personal video viewer. Tell the Academy about the five star movie WarChild, airbrush like a pro from your browser and virtual assistants.

Issue 4 – I hear(t) u
Listen to your fave love songs on iSound Duophones. Exchange your CDs and DVDs for your sweetie’s picks. Go Red and keep tabs on your ticker with iPhone’s heart monitor.

Issue 3 – eye-fy michelle, sasha and malia
Share your inauguration photos instantly from your camera with Eye-Fi, get a little help from ChaCha and Tripkick as you go about your busy day, and get context around Smart Chick word “Wifi.”

Issue 2 – beauty sleep, bye, bye
Wake up Web 2.0 style with Chumby Industries’ latte chumby, use PhoneTag so you don’t miss voicemail, learn about Smart Chick word “widget,” and more.

Issue 1 – a clever gal, a smarter pen
Features the newest diva in pen computing, LiveScribe’s Pulse SmartPen, personalized TV channels for TiVo users and Smart Chick word “dot positioning system.”