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If you are an entrepreneur, or any person trying to realize a dream, this is a must read…http://thedailylove.com/this-is-a-major-dream-killer/
See below for excerpts from Mastin Kipp’s article  “This is a major dream killer”

Time and time again I’ve seen friends and clients – even I have been guilty of this at times – try to weigh options, figuring out what is the best path instead of trusting themselves, taking action and course correcting as they go.
There was an awesome quote from the famous Hollywood producer Kathleen Kennedy (of whom I am a BIG fan) on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter once. She said, “I don’t analyze things, I just do them.
One of the most important questions you can ask yourself on the path to your dreams is this: “Am I willing to risk being nothing in order to become something?”
If you can be cool with being nothing, then and only then can you have the freedom to take the risks that are necessary to make your dreams come true.
There are no certain outcomes. You can’t get it wrong. The only thing that prevents your dreams from coming true is when you stop and try to analyze everything to death, while taking no action and living out everything in your head.
This is a dream killer.
 To read the full article visit  http://thedailylove.com/this-is-a-major-dream-killer/