PhoneTag: I hadn’t listened to my voicemail in months. Wasn’t too worried, until I almost missed a friend’s birthday party. PhoneTag, works with all major mobile providers to have your voicemail simultaneously transcribed into an email, so you can read your messages instead. The voicemail audio file is attached to the email in case you want to hear your honey’s voice.

Jungle Disk: Online storage space for all of your files, powered by Amazon. Back-up your pictures, files, on highly secure hard drives at Amazon sites. Includes automatic back-up and file synching. Wish I knew about this before having my laptop stolen this summer with the pics and video from my last trip to Italy.

LoJack for Laptops: Speaking of stolen laptops, install this software on your computer and it will silently contact the CompuTrace monitoring center when connected to the internet; so you can get that baby back.