Picnik: Want to remove the dark circles around your eyes in that photo you just posted to FaceBook from your friend Olga’s bday party? Go to Picnik, click on the FB icon, your photos are displayed along with a ton of photo “perfecting” tools. Edit directly from your web browser. Also works with MySpace, Flickr and many others.

Brickwork India: Live like a star, with your own virtual personal assistant. Like what? Book all of your appointments, first draft of that power point preso, anything that doesn’t need in-person attention. Hollywood style, main street prices. PayPal accepted.

Warchild: Sometimes the academy misses a few. The SlumDog of documentaries, follows Emmanuel Jal’s trek from Sudanese child soldier to British rap star. Won the Audience Choice Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. The soundtrack is also five stars.