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My new bedside accessory, the Chumby, is an alarm clock, photo frame, internet radio, and all of my favorite parts of the internet in a cute nightstand compatible package.

Buzzers, so passé. Now I wake up to my takeaway.org podcasts, while my favorite photos display on-screen. Before walking the dog, I can even take a quick peek at the weather, my Facebook account and email. Chumby lets you wake up to any visual, web or music content. And you can set an unlimited number of alarms, say for the weekend lie-in or that Friday evening disco nap.

Best of all, I can charge my iPod and listen to my music via the built-in stereo speakers.

Just connect to your wireless network and use your computer to download more than 1000 widgets for the Chumby (see Smart Chick below).

Forget the snooze button !